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Re: [at-l] Winter in New England

Ron & Cheryl wrote:
> New Topic of Conversation - Up here in Massachusetts we're in the middle
> of a snow and ice storm, they're predicting 5-7 inches total by Sunday -
> so much for getting out on an overnight tomorrow night. (It's not the
> walking, it's the driving to get to the trailhead that's too dangerous.)
> >From you other list members, how many of you are forced to stay home
> this weekend because of the storm - just curious how far south (or
> north) this storm is hitting and how many of you are being affected by
> it. Doesn't feel like mid-November right now - it feels like
> mid-February!

Oh Cheryl, don't feel alone in this.  Central Pa. here and the storm 
is over.  We only got a couple inches of sleet and freezle toped with
a dusting of fluffy snow.  It was glorious this morning.  Everytree
coated with white.  The ones still with leaf, bending slightly with the 

You're right about the suddeness!  Just weeks ago, I complained that
the peepers et all were persisting too long.  It was as if their
song forbad the fall from coming.  Suddenly the woods went neon,
yellow, red and orange.  And much to quickly the colors deepened
till the woods took the color of tomatoe relish.  And poof...today
all was grey and tree-black and white.  Even the sumac has lost it's

But I love this season.  Now I can enter the animals real world.
Their lives are written in the snow.  Foillow their paths and see where 
the deer pause and browse and sleep.  The mouse still gathering seeds 
against the winter.  Muskrats play.  Their tracks prove they do.
And the brush has lost it's density so your view is quadrupeled.
And butter doesn't melt<<G>>.  Winter has it's advantages.  Kahley
Oh..and about my plans for the weekend...they haven't changed.  I'm
still stuck at home doing a way overdue bathroom facelift <<sigh>>.
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