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Re: [at-l] long underwear

>i would like to know what kind of long underwear people have found the
>most efficient when going from GA-ME.

Hi Matt,

I had patagonia capeline (lightweight) longjohns and a lightweight polypro
top, and used them as my sleeping clothes during my thruhike. Only on a few
rare, cold days did I wear them while hiking, but they were always there if
I needed them as an extra layer. During the summer I bought a silkweight
capeline top, which I used as my hiking shirt every day, and it was a joy
even in the hottest weather (though I was glad to be able to get out of it
at the end of the day). It was very important for me to have a set of
sleeping clothes to get into at bedtime, but many others just slept in the
same things they'd been hiking in. Depends on your tolerance level, I guess.

Near the end of the trail, when it got chilly in Maine, I traded my
silkweight capeline for a Polartek 100 fleece, as my everyday hiking shirt.
A little warm for some, but I found it quite comfortable except on the very
hottest days of Indian Summer. It was nice to have when the wind whipped
cold in October.

Unless you're planning on winter hiking, I'd say that lightweight polypro
or capilene is all you need, as long as you've got a fleece layer and a
shell to go over it. You'll need more layers for cold days and nights at
camp, of course, but hiking in anything heavier would be very
uncomfortable, I think.

--Rhymin' Worm

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