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Re: [at-l] long underwear

In a message dated 97-11-13 13:08:43 EST, pi98mw34@ACS.WOOSTER.EDU writes:

<< i would like to know what kind of long underwear people have found the
 most efficient when going from GA-ME. >>

Not everyone will agree that they are worth the extra cost, but I swear by
Patagonia capilene.  I used lightweight pants along with shorts for most of
the 3-1/2 months I was on the trail.  I had a midweight top and a lightweight
top, both long sleeved.  If it was very cold, I wore both after arriving at
camp and before getting into the sleeping bag.  When the weather became more
mild, I usually wore the lightweight.  I bought a short sleeved capilene
shirt at Nantahala Outdoor Center in NC and used that on warm days.  Again,
if I got chilled I simply put one of the long sleeved shirts over it. 

Capilene kept me warm even when it became damp or wet.  It dried quickly and
seemed to hold odors less than cool max or other fabrics.  It is also lighter
weight than any other brands I own.  It is very durable except that the pants
became very worn at the knees, and some spots melted from sparks from a
campfire.  I will have to say that my capilene and polartec fleece jacket are
my favorite articles of backpacking stuff, and I would highly recommend them.

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