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[at-l] long underwear

i would like to know what kind of long underwear people have found the
most efficient when going from GA-ME.  in the rei catalog, they have three
different types.  i light weight, a midium weight and a expidtion weight.
is there one weight that will get me through the whole trail or will i
need a lighter weight on the lower end and a heavier weight on the higher
end when i get twords the fall time??  there is also some nike
thermal-first layer kind of garmets in the same catalog.  does anyone know
if these are even worht looking at?  i am one who likes the bright flashy
yellows and oranges so i am drawn to the nike, but don't know if i can
trust it or not.  and third, there is the patagonia first layer.  again
there are three weights.  the last weight is like a micro fleece type of
weight.  any info would be helpfull

GA-ME 99'

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