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[at-l] Re: ATML Quicktime Movies of the trail

At 10:40 PM -0500 11/11/97, Carolyn Thalman wrote:
>I'm taking a computer graphics class.  One of the assignments is to make
>a time capsule of a culture or time period - using a variety of graphics
>formats.  Does any one have any information about web sites that have
>movies, videos or VR movies of the trail?  I wouldn't mind any ideas for
>things that I could include in the time capsule.  thanks
>Carolyn Thalman
A follow-up note on copyrights:

The U.S. Copyright Office provides various circulars with information about
copyright within the United States. Note that the laws of other nations
govern the status of copyright protection of works within their boundaries;
a work may be protected abroad even though its copyright has expired in the
United States. Extraterritorial uses of copyrighted works are governed by
laws other than United States law.