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One always wonders on data storage devices of today, could they be read in
the future?  Could one read a movie in Beta format?  Could one listen to an
8 track tape?
Could one see an 8 mm film?  Seems data storage devices are really the fastest
things to change. Wonder how long CD-ROMs  will last when DVD comes out or
a 5.25 inch floppy, or a 400K single sided floppy or a ????

Remember most things which can be downloaded on-line are really copywrited even
if they don't say it - automatically. Always get permission and credit the
creative author.
Suggest you write the "originator" a memo as that would be nice and ask
them for permission, how and why they came up with the project and how the
project was completed and by whom.  That in itself would be interesting

Things for a time capsule.  Your old hiking boots, socks, backpack, etc.
Go to salvation army and
get the old retards... they are HISTORY. A catalog of REI, Campmor so
people can see
what high tek outfitting was of our period!  What will be the new Gortex a
hundred yrs from now?
or whenever your time capsule is opened.  A trail map.  Who knows where it
will be
re-routed.   Some digitized ariel photos so people can see how the
surrounding trail environment will change from today. The ATC has an entire
catalog and extensive books and maps on the AT.

My time's up.  See ya on the trail.  - Tom 'hikenet' Caggiano

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sorry 'bout that plug... ...

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