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Another option is eat things with honey...  no fat, plenty of calories.
It's good
for the bees ya know.

Cranberry juice, granola, Grapenuts, dried fruit, trail mix and bagels are
foods with a lot of energy per serving.


The typical American menu  contains 34 percent of calories from fat.

One does not need to go fat free.  If you have carbohydrates, the body will
convert them
to fat for storage anyway.  Fat is the way the body  naturally stores energy...

tom 'hikenet' caggiano


Fat is an essential part of the body's mechanism to suppress our appetite. As a
result, a diet that is very low in total fat will often leave you feeling
hungry. If you are not aware of this problem, you can find yourself eating
more, instead of less, on a low fat diet.

There are 9 calories in 1 gram of fat. Knowing that factor and knowing your
total calorie
 intake for the day allows you to convert from grams of fat to percent of
calories from fat. Here
 is an equation to help you:

            grams of fat x 9 calories/gm/total calories x 100% = percent
calories from fat

      For example, Martha, you are eating 15 to 20 grams of fat per day. I
do not know your total
      calorie intake, but I will use 1800 calories for the example.

            20 gm fat x 9 calories/gm/1800 calories x 100% = 10% of
calories from fat

      The American Heart Association and other nutrition experts recommend
that Americans
      consume 30% or less of their total calories from fat.
      The rationale for a low-fat diet is to help
      you maintain a healthy weight and to decrease your risk for heart
disease and certain kinds
      of cancer.

      The World Health Organization recommends that individuals consume no less
      than 15% of calories from fat, an amount which will readily supply
your body requirement for
      essential fatty acids and allow you to eat a wide variety of foods.

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