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Re: [at-l] Light Weight Tent (Christmas Present)

     I bought Bean's new ultralightweight, and like it a lot.  It seems to 
     have all the features of the Walrus Arch Rival, but at substantially 
     less cost.  I think it is about $140 (vs. $200 for the Walrus).  
     Weights just over 4 lbs.  Plenty of room for one.  You feel like you 
     are in a tent not a sack.  Not free standing, but that does not seem 
     important. Seems well made.  Has full screen top (for sky gazing in 
     summer), and a msall vestibule (between separately zipped fly entrance 
     and tent entrance).  

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Subject: [at-l] Light Weight Tent (Christmas Present)
Author:  MarvWelte@aol.com at Internet
Date:    11/10/97 9:31 AM

I have been section hiking the AT, and think it is time to leave my old 
reliable Eureka Timberline at home in favor of something lighter.  The 
Timberline weighs 7 lbs.  Also, it is time to start thinking about Christmas 
presents for me.
I am looking for recommendations for light weight tents in the $150 range.
Some AT hikers told me that a bivy bag was the best solution.  But they had a 
tarp to provide some shelter when they got outside the bivy.  So, the weight 
of tarp plus bivy seems to be near to the weight of a small tent.  
I have seen the Eureka Gossamer in stores.  It is advertised as a one person 
bivy, but seemed more like a small tent than a bivy bag.  Had a little head 
room, but not enough to sit up.  $100 at Campmor, weight 2 lbs, 10 oz.  I 
seem to spend most nites on the AT in shelters.  Would I find this "tent" too 
confining on the few nites I would have to spend in it?
A friend has the Eureka Zephr which is a one person tent.  You can sit up in 
it, and it seems to have room for some gear inside.  He likes it, but I don't 
believe he has been out in heavy rain in it.  $130 at Campmor, weight 3 lb, 
14 oz.
Any thoughts about the Gossamer or Zephyr would be welcomed, especially info 
about their wet weather performance.  Also, any other good ideas.
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