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[at-l] Drizzly weekend

Bogey and I went out for the weekend.  We walked in a drizzle all day
Saturday to our favorite campsite.  The colors are so clear and vivid in
the rain.  One hillside was covered with laurel which was green and with
blueberry bushes which were red.  The view was gorgeous.  The hiking was
good as the weather was cool. We camped at "the spot" and said, "It doesn't
get any better than this".  We were in our white and blue tent which had
all the features we like but the color choice.  Bogey and I like a tent
that blends into the environment.  We discussed what would be nice.  "A
tent with  trees, rocks and dirt print."  Then no one would be able to see
our tent and maybe not us either.  
Then we decided what the camoflauge tent of the future might be:  " a tent
with a print of rusted cars, old refrigerator, broken bottles, and cans
with a fifty gallon drum in the foreground.  This was just a joke and
hopefully it will always be just that.  Anyhow we hiked out in the drizzle
on Sunday and we had a great time. Cold & wet and wonderful.  It was good
to see the streams running full again after this summer's drought.  The
trees are still showing some beautiful colors.  Next week we'll be out
again and then off to Springer the next week. 
God bless and Happy hiking,  
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