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[at-l] Re: Binocs

> Date: Fri, 07 Nov 1997 07:40:32 -0500
> From: kahlena <kahley7@ptd.net>
> Subject: [at-l] Binocs???
> Binoculars....
> I've had a bunch over the years...Big and heavy, monocs weighing 1oz.,
> 'spy' scopes of 12 power that needed to be set in cement to steady them.
> The newest ones I'm considering are TITANIUM 8X10 under 6 oz (or so I'm
> told) with ruby coated lenses.  Is this coating a gimmick?  What is it's 
> purpose?  Thanks              Kahley


We just got a pair of biniculars as an early Christmas present.  They are
the Minolta compact 10x25 and they weigh 9.5oz in the case (case=1oz).
We compared these to the REI version and the Minolta had much better
optics, clearer, etc.  I think the latest catalog from REI had these
on sale.  Yes, here it is: p. 83 of the Holiday 1997 catalog, they're
on sale for $99.  We've been very pleased with them.  Just thought you
might want something to compare to.  Happy shopping!

Best Regards,

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