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[at-l] Tyvek Update

Hi Folks,
Just received information from Du Pont on Tyvek.  They sent just about
everthing one would ever want to know about Tyvek.  I'll pass on some of
the information that may pertain to backpacking usage.
There are 3 types of Tyvek available.  They range from 5.3 mils in
thickness to 10.2 mils.  
Type 10 Tyvek is paper-like, hard structure, area bonded, smooth pattern
and stiff.  Example would be Tyvek Housewrap
Type 14 & 16 Tyvek is fabric-like, soft structure, point bonded, embossed
pattern and flexible.  
They sent me samples of these three types.  With the samples I have it
appears type 14 & 16 are lighter and much more flexible than type 10.  You
don't have to wash type 14 & 16 as some of us did with the housewrap as it
already is flexible.
Tyvek is made from high-density polyethylene fibers,   
Tyvek is waterproof and breathable. 
The melting point of Tyvek is 275*F(135*C).  
Tyvek will burn at 650*F(343*C).
Type 10 Tyvek has a density of 0.38g/cc which is only half as much as paper.
Tyvek is thermoplastic.  It maintains its toughness and flexibility down to
-100*F (-73*C), however an unrestrained sheet of Tyvek is dimensionally
stable up to 270*F (132*C) and will not shrink.  Temperatures above 175*F
(79*C) can distort it, depending on tension and dwell time.
Tyvek will stretch 20-30% before breaking.
Tyvek was set-up as a banner secured by poles for a 3 month period.  It was
able to withstand winds of about 80 mph.
Tyvek is available from Du Pont in roll form in the color white only.
You can sew Tyvek.  They recommend using a pattern of very few stiches when
doing so.  
Ink can be applied to Tyvek but it has a long drying period.  I went to a
print shop and they rolled some ink on a small piece of tyvek and it stayed
damp for around 2 hours so far.
As far as I have been able to figure tyvek can be used as rainwear, pack
covers and tarps for backpacking usage.
For anyone who would like additional information on Tyvek call
1-800-44-TYVEK.  The people I've talked to are extremely polite and
Most of the information in this post I copied directly from the information
they supplied to me.  As if you couldn't tell by the grammar :-)
Take care,
John O
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