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Re: [at-l] Minorities on the trail

On 06 Nov 1997 15:35:50 EST <dan@watson.ibm.com> (Walt Daniels) writes:
>I agree that we have probably exhausted most of the plausible
>arguments.  However, as one of those who helps manage the trail (and
>interested in improving access), it has been a very useful discussion
>as I learn several new viewpoints I had not thought of.  Thanks to all
>of you who contributed wise words.

There is a worthwhile book out, Nation of Strangers, that I came across
after this thread started. I am impressed enough to order one. The book
is the result of a five year study of perceptions of racism.  I have not
read all of it because the owner wont give it to me, imagine! I guess
I'll have to get my own copy. Some folks are so cheap. What I have read
is well written, well researched and enlightening.   Hopeful

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