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[at-l] Iodine allergy.

Hey, listers!  Been awhile since I've talked, so I figure I'll ask this
I recently had to go to my school health center.  In the routine
"pre-treatment" questioning, I told them I was allergic to shellfish.
They told me that this probably means I'm allergic to Iodine, and should
avoid it when possible.  This includes using it to clean cuts and stuff.
But, does this also apply to cleaning my water?  I mean, I've never used
the Iodine tablets, I usually boil, but on my last trip, I was going to
(we forgot to pick 'em up before we left).  Would this be a bad thing?
What about the fact that most purifiers use Iodine in their "purification"
process???  Are these things I should be concerned with?  Thanks in
advance for any help (oh yeah, if it means anything, I go into
anaphalactic--spelled WAY wrong--shock if I eat shellfish...)

-kristin  N3ZDF
"Rivers have what man most respects and longs for in his own life and
thought - a capacity for renewal and replenishment, continual energy,
creativity, and cleansing."  --John M Kauffman, EPA Journal May 1981 

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