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[at-l] herbs, tabasco, etc...

I just wanted to run out a caution on the herb front. I think it's probably
best to do all your expirments BEFORE you hit the trail. On the AT in '92
I hit a health food store in Waynesboro and noticed some ginseng tea, and
thought how great that would be for a warm-up and wind-down in the evening,
plus I had heard a lot of good things about ginseng. Well, two days later
I was dealing with all the classic symtoms of giradia, except that they hit
about 10 am (while hiking) and cleared up just after hitting camp (5-ish).
Spending a couple of afternoons hiking with the TP in one hand and the pack
straps loosened for a "quick get-away" was no fun. The only change in my
diet was the tea, I cut that out and everything was fine. This isn't to say
anything bad about the tea, it just doesn't get along with me. It wouldn't
be any fun to find that out at home, but it would still have to be better
than on the trail...

Peace, Skeeter
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