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Re: [at-l] Incomplete thru hikes

Why did I discontinue my thru-hike?

Some sorry #$%@*! stole my gear. It made more sense to leave the trail and
try to do something else with what was left of my free time than to spend
almost all my money to replace the gear, hike a month or so, then be broke
and have to stop anyway. I kicked back for a while after I got home, got
my head back together, and then went to work. I've replaced my gear (with
even better gear :) ) and I'm ready for a northbound starting in mid to
late March. Now that it's cooling off and climbing season is about over,
I'm shifting my outdoor weekend pursuits to hard core backpacking for
training and enjoyment. I look at it this way: Now I know what to expect,
if I'm not ready when the hike starts, it's my own fault. Regardless, I
plan to "hike" not "thru-hike" the difference being that when I was
"thru-hiking" I was so focused on miles, schedules, etc,  that I missed
out on what I should have focused on. Don't get me wrong, I plan to hike
from GA to ME, but my focus will be much different, more on having fun,
communing with nature, checking out all the little things.


Will Strickland gt0556d@prism.gatech.edu
"May the four winds blow you safely home"
-Grateful Dead-

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