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Re: [at-l] Incomplete thru hikes

In a message dated 97-10-24 14:55:38 EDT, michaelj@sagelink.net writes:

<< How about those who have attempted an unsucessful thru hike commenting on
 exactly convinced them to leave the trail.  Not those who planned to section
 hike, but ones who began thinking they would thru hike and changed their
 What contributed to the decision?  Anyone? >>

Not enough money............depending on your speed  it's going to take around
3000 for a six maybe seven month hike..........of course, some people hike
faster and you may be able to do the dollar a mile formula, but towns are part
of the trail and they cost money

I personally made it half way before I ran out of dough and to leave the trail
was serious bummer.but I'll be back next year either to complete are go for
the thru.depending on finances

The Slyman
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