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Re: [at-l] Minorities on the trail

One other aspect which hasn't really been addressed is safety.  I remember the
"DMZ" and what horrible feelings it gave me, walking that stretch of road past
the Rottweiler and all the other barking and growling dogs, and feeling the
eyes of the people in the houses on me as I went past.  My advice to anyone,
and especially a minority, would be to yellow blaze this section.  I myself
would never walk it again.

Also, I remember very well numerous occasions of very pointed, prejudiced
remarks about people of color.  These always came as a surprise to me and I
felt repulsed by those who, a minute before, had seemed to be so kind and

If you have not experienced any of the above, then you're lucky; a person of a
race  other than white might not be so fortunate.

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