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Re: [at-l] Minorities on the trail

Jean Verostko
11/04/97 09:30 AM

I also have asked two of my African American friends (who also are female)
why they don't hike/backpack.  One grew up in the south in the city and the
other grew up in the rural south.

And the overwhelming answer I got is that they may go on one or two hikes a
year on trails off  the Blue Ridge Parkway but no more because they don't
have the time.  These hikes usually are with a church group.  Things
mentioned (that I have not seen previously discussed) included commitments
to their extended families and church duties which appear to be the primary
focus in both their lives.

It is not uncommon in the south( I don't know about the rest of the
country)  for many African Americans to have their lives revolve around
both their extended families and church.  Poverty and a fear of the
wilderness were never mentioned.  This is just my impression.  Jeanne (no
trail name)

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