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Re: [at-l] Eurosealer

My thought on this is that if there is much air at all left in the baggie,
your dehydrated stuff will rehydrate to some degree.  The moisture in the
air, ya know.   It would not keep as long unless it was vacuum packed.  I
have a cheap vacuum packer for my dehydrated food and it does keep a long

Alice aka IL Flatlander

> From: Jennifer Delia Sawyer <jdsawyer@bu.edu>
> To: at-l@saffron.hack.net
> Subject: [at-l] Eurosealer
> Date: Saturday, November 01, 1997 8:58 PM
> Anyone out there heard of the EuroSealer?   I was just watching NECNN and
> there was one of those "for 19.95, you too can own..." commercials.  (see
> what law school has done to me???).  This gadget looks like the
> dream.  It apparently thermo-seals plastic bags to keep stuff fresh.  It
> seals so tight, even water can't get out (that's what they said, honest.)
> It's just a little thing that you just rub over the top of any plastic
> to make an airtight seal.  It looked like it would be great for
> post-dehydrating.  I'm thinking it may even cut down on our use of Ziploc
> bags if we could just reseal the bags the food already comes in.  
> They didn't say how much it weighed, but I don't think it could be more
> a few ounces.  (who am I kidding, I'm writing this to a bunch of people
> cut the handles off their toothbrushes...) 
> Has anyone out there tried this thing?  Does it work?  Is it worth the
> $19.95 (which is the equivalent of 13 cups of coffee....very relevant
> days...)???  
> Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueler???
> :) Pooh
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