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[at-l] Horse Wars

I'm going to forward this without comment.  You'll each have to make
your own decision about what to do - or not do - about it. Keep in mind
that doing "nothing" is a valid decision, but that in so doing you
forfeit your viewpoint. And the other guys won't be forfeiting theirs.  

Walk softly,

>Subject: Fwd: Notice to Clubs
>   In response to a call from an 'informed source', I have asked Maurice to
>compose a letter to all KTA clubs.  This is what he has come up with, and it
>will be sent out tomorrow (Friday).  In the meantime, how about getting your
>own network of hikers busy and flood them with another opinion, and not with
>form letters.  Specify how much (33,000 reported hours in 1996) time that the
>hiking community devoted to maintaining hiking trails FOR HIKERS.  Tell of
>damage that horses do to trails,  If you know of any specific instances, cite
>them.  Time is important here.  Nov 12 is the deadline, but get your letters
>in ASAP.  Spread the word.
>As you may already know, the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry has
>published for public comment a revised set of rules and regulations for
>the State Forests.  Public comments on these rules are being accepted
>until November 12, 1997.  As published, the proposed rules prohibit the
>use of horses on designated hiking trails "unless posted as being
>open to such use."
>It has just come to our attention that equestrian groups in the state
>are flooding the Bureau of Forestry with form letters demanding that the
>rules be changed to permit the use of horses on all hiking trails.
>Furthermore, the letters are said to be claiming that hikers have no
>objection to such use.
>You and your members are urged to communicate with the Bureau of
>Forestry, expressing your views of this matter.  If the hikers of
>Pennsylvania are not heard from, the opinions of the horseback riders
>are likely to win out by default.
>Comments are being accepted by mail only, and should be sent to:
>Bureau of Forestry
>P.O. Box 8552
>Harrisburg, PA  17105-8552
>Remember that the deadline for receipt of comments is November 12,
>1997.  Call if you have any questions.
>Ed Beck,President
>Keystone Trails Association

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