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Re: [at-l] Minorities on the trail

On 02 Nov 1997 17:13:54 EST <dan@watson.ibm.com> (Walt Daniels) writes:
>Both ATC and NYNJTC have outreach efforts to attract minorities.  That
>does not mean there have been any breakthough successes.  I too have
>met mostly inner city kids in groups, very few individual families.  I
>have worked on trail building projects with inner city kids and I
>suspect that one of the prime impediments is fear of the outdoors, as
>much or more than I fear the inner city enviroment that they are used

Being out of their "comfort zone" might be at least one explanation. I
remember reading in Dav Brill's book, As Far As The Eye Can See, an
incident where he met some inner city kids at a camp ground. While
sitting around a fire one night a raccoon came up to the group. They
scattered because they were afraid of the "bear."

I can imagine that sleeping in the wood for the first time can be like
landing on the moon to some who have never had a prior exposure.  
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