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[at-l] Re: The Gathering

>On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Waldo L. Jaquith wrote:
>> My girlfriend and I decided today that we'd like to go to The Gathering.
>> Our only concern is lodging in Hanover.
>bushor@lemming.uvm.edu wrote:
>	Bring your tent.  Many camp at the Gathering camping area.  There
>is lodging in and around Hanover but its costly.  This is peak foliage
>season and many places have been booked for months.  Churches and frats
>will be out, Dartmouth students have just returned.  The tent city last
>year was about 75+. I enjoyed being part of it.  I bring my stove and eat
>on site for breakfast and dinner.  Carry a lunch with me.  This is all
>subject to change day by day.  Some of us at-l members went out to eat as
>a group last year.  Met some truly wonderful people there.  Gained some
>new ideas and passed on some that I have experenced.  I try to keep it
>simple at the Gathering.  I give what I can, take what I need and leave
>the rest.  One thing that I do know.  The Gathering is with out a doubt
>one of the best things I will do this year.

Wingfoot pointed out that the cost of inns around there is in the
multiple-hundred dollar range. Neither I nor my girlfriend have a problem
with tenting (or else I wouldn't have spent so many months hiking!), but my
girlfriend's mother is concerned.  She'd prefer us staying at some place
with heat and meals and stuff.  Which would be just dandy, but it ain't

Your monologue on The Gathering proved quite effective, however, and I'm
more interested in going than ever.  I noticed on ALDHA's site
(www.connix.com/~aldha) that they're soliciting speakers.  It may be too
late -- I've not yet gotten a reply -- but would anybody be interested in a
workshop on integrating electronics with the outdoors in an appropriate,
safe, practical manner?  I've got no shortage of stuff to say on that (not
that it's ever stopped me before), but I'd like to know that people would
be interested in attending this.


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