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[at-l] Chase in Great Barrington Mass.

Hi gang,
Just got back from a week long business trip to the beach (really). The
first news I got was Chase was stuck in Great Barrington, the bus people
lost his back pack. He rode the Greyhound bus because of the distance
involved and he could get off the bus right on the trail with no car to
fool with switching and such. To make a long story short, they lost his
pack in Richmond Va., found it and lost it again. He's been in a hotel in
G B since Thursday meeting all the buses and still no pack. He has only
the old clothes he intended to throw away when he changed into hiking
attire, everything else was in his pack. If any of you live in the area,
give him a call and cheer him up. 
413-528-3150 room 60 you can't call if the deaf lady is on the switch
board (really)

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