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[at-l] at-l] Weighing your gear (fwd)

Roger Lee wrote:

I've read many contributions in which people have weighed
every item that goes into their pack, producing weights
accurate to the closest ounce.  Am wondering how you have
gone about coming up with those precise measurements.  Is
there an inexpensive sort of scale that can weigh all of
those objects, some of which (e.g., a backpack) are pretty
bulky?  It would need to weigh stuff weighing up to, say, 8
lbs (e.g., a heavy tent).  Do people use some sort of
inexpensive fish-weighing scale?

I Have found that the baby scale is useful for weighing equipment now
that the babies are old enough to hike with me! Its scale goes from 0 to   

30 pounds and is probably reasonably accurate up to 40. I use a small
postage scale for small items. You can probably find a baby scale at a
garage sale or someone's attic.

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