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[at-l] end of the Colorado Trail

So we finished our summer adventure, and after spending 6 weeks
with my mother, 24-7, we had not killed each other.  Nope, and
we had about a week until our flight, so what did we do?  We
rented a car, of course, and drove 3,000 miles, touring parts
of the West we had never seen before.  That was a blast.  Four
Corners, Arizona, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, the High
Sierras, Sequioa Nat'l Park, Yosemite (IT WAS THE MOST
Nevade desert, the Salt Lake Desert, Salt Lake City, lots more
of Colorado...it was wondeful.  And during this tour, it did
not rain once, until we go back into Colorado, when it poured
again.  Let me back up a sec and just say if out west, YOU MUST
GO TO YOSEMITE!  I fell in love, and I"m definitely going
back.  While out there, we stopped by the PCT, and the JMT, did
a few ceremonial paces on each, looked at registers.  What was
nuts what that I saw entries from lots of my friends on the
PCT, but I couldn't believe I was seeing there writing out in
California, when I last saw them on the AT.  Kennedy Meadows
was a neat place.  I'm hitting the PCT sometime too, now I
know.  I won't thru-hike it though...I prefer to cut it in two,
similiar to what Cindy Ross did.  THe same for the CDT.  I'll
be hitting the JMT hopefully in about 2 years, and teh ADT
sometime.  There is just so much opportunity out there.  I
don't know where to start.  No, scratch that.  I started with
the AT, and the adventure grew from there.  :)  
	I hope I have provided entertainment, and some 
information to some of you out there.  There is so much more to
write about the Colorado Trail.  It is a fabulous thing, and I
loved my summer experience very much, even if Mother Nature
wasn't on my side.  The landscape is what definitely takes the
the cake.  The East Coast now looks like a pancake to me.  But
I also know it has its hills.  (grin) I really enjoy having
people to talk to about my trip.  It is nice to know you all
are out there.  Thanks.  See you on the trails.

GA -> ME '96, '99
CT '97
LT '98
and the World...
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