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Re: [at-l] Leki poles

At 02:26 PM 9/26/97 -0400, SaraSW@aol.com wrote:

>Also, the ones with positive abgle grip have cork instead of ergo soft. Any
>comments on the difference?

Yeah.  The cork gets slimy when your hands sweat.  No experience with the
positive abgle (or angle...) grip, but it kind of sounds like a gimmick to
jack up the price.  I have the regular old Super Makalus and they have been
the best piece of gear I have EVER bought.  My knees thank me every time I
go hiking.  I did use a friends once just to try the cork grip, and it was
really gross -- slimy and slippery as soon as I started to sweat.  

Just my 2 cents...

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