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[at-l] Introduction

Hi All,

I subscribed to this list yesterday.  Most of the other list that I
belong to have requested a short introduction.  I did not get that
invite when I subscribed to this list, though I found several
introductions in the archives.  Therefor I decided to provide a short

My name is Robert Dudley (please call me Bob) and I work as a chemist
Ph.D. type) for the United States Department of Agriculture in
Philadelphia Pa.  I live in Easton, PA which is approximately 15 miles
south of Wind Gap Pa.  I therefore have ready access to the AT.  I
have hiked sections of the AT since 1962 though my total mileage
cannot exceed 100 miles.  Recently I have been thinking about hiking
the whole AT.  Next week I will turn 52 and the window for this hike
is growing smaller.  As I need to work to support my family I will
have to hike the trail in sections in one to two week time spans.  As
an assistant scout master I do have the opportunity to hike sections
of the PA portion of the trail with the boy scouts.

My trail name is Grey Owl.  Grey Owl was a Canadian author who wrote
stories about the Indians in Canada.  Grey Owl was really an
Englishman who moved to Canada and lived among the Native Peoples.  He
was truly inspired by their way of live and he lived like them.  He
enjoyed the outdoors and lamented about the lost of the wilderness in
Canada.  So if see my trail name you know that I have passed through I
use the name in honor of a truly remarkable person.

I will post some of the hiking Journals as I travel along the AT, but
otherwise I probaly will not post a lot.  I am here to learn and share
peoples dreams.  Fell free to contact me off list.

Bob Dudley

A beautiful day.  I wish I was on the trail instead of in the lab.

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