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[at-l] Warning Vandelism

Snatched from Rec.backcountry..word of warning..posted to all AT list
					on purpose this time<<VBG>>

            Automobile Vandalism: Roan Mt. 
            Wed, 24 Sep 1997 09:35:49 -0400 
            "Marlon G. Hurst" <mjhurst@bellsouth.net>
            Conyers Presbyterian Church 

Just a note of warning to all considering hiking in the Roan Highlands
near Roan Mountain, Tennessee.

A friend of mine and I hiked on the AT from Carver's Gap to Buck
Mountain this past weekend.  We had left his car in the parking lot of
Buck Mountain Baptist Church where the AT crosses Buck Mt. Road.  Sadly,
when we returned, all of his windows had been smashed, his tires
slashed, and considerable damage had been done to the doors and hood by
the corners of a cinderblock.

We were informed (after the fact) that this sort of thing happens quite
frequently on Buck Mountain to people who park their cars for hiking
purposes.  Evidently, a few of the locals still harbor a grudge toward
the presence of the AT running across their mountain and look for any
opportunity to express their discontent.  (Then again, it could just be
random vandalism - without any association to the AT.)  At any rate, my
buddy is now out the expense of 4 tires, a towing bill, 6 windows, two
headlights, a hood and some other body work.

We were told that some local businesses would, for a fee, run a shuttle
to the trail head for drop-off & pickup.  I'll not advertise for the one
of which we became aware, but if you're planning a trip near there and
would like this information, either contact the ranger station (who
should be able to give you the name of a shuttle provider) or e-mail me
privately and I'll give you the name of the one place of which I'm now
all too familiar.

Marlon Hurst
Conyers, GA
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