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[at-l] Tyvek Information

Hi Folks,
As of late I've been experimenting with tyvek as a tarp and ground cover.
Tyvek is a product made by DuPont and is primarly used as a vapor barrier
on homes.  Builders attach it to the exterior wall before putting siding on. 
It's very water resistant and wind resistant accoring to DuPont.  After
working with it I say it's waterproof and wind resistant.
The product is extremly lite-weight, my nylon ground cloth weights 7 ozs a
similiar ground cloth of tyvek is 3 ozs.  I also made a 9'x8' tyvek tarp
and it weighs 13 ozs.
For a week I set up the tyvek tarp in my backyard and experimented setting
it up different ways to simulate backpacking experiences I've had.  Two
nights it rained and no water came through the tyvek.  I also took a small
piece of tyvek and configured it into a bowl shape and put water in it with
no leakage.
I fastened tie-downs using Ray Jardine's method in his book The Pacific
Crest Trail Hiker's Handbook using sheet bend knot and it worked fine.  I
attached 3 tie-downs per side of the tarp. 
As a method to secure one of the openings for protection from inclement
weather.  Chase gave me a suggestion to take a smooth acorn and place it on
the outside of the tarp and secure it from the inside using a line.  I used
marbles instead and the results are the same.  When securing the marble I
left several inches to the line stay attached.  I then take my rain jacket
and tie it across the opening giving me great protection.
When setting up this tarp one side has no writing on it and the other has
no writing.  I found you get almost no condensation if you set it up with
the writing facing on the outside.
It is a very flexible product and has a crinkly sound to it like heavy paper.
I tested it for flamability and it melts similiar to plastic.  It won't
tear under strain but will cut easily with a knife.  I layed a piece on a
bed of stones and walked over it numerous times with no puntcures.
I purchased a roll 9'x100' for $109.00 at a lumberyard in NJ.  
If anybody else would like some I'll mail it to you for what it costs me to
buy and mail it to you. 
Feel free to drop me a line if you need more information.
Oh DuPont has a tyvek phone number 1-800-44-TYVEK.  They also make clothing
from the product similiar to OR attire.
This weekend I'll be taking it backpacking and any additional information I
find out about tyvek I'll pass it on.
Take care,
John O 

                        John O   
                E-mail johno@mail.monmouth
Brick, New Jersey
         90 miles south of Delaware Water Gap
        1357 miles north of Springer Mountain   
        1083 miles south of Mount Katahdin     
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