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Re: [at-l] Weighing your gear

Simplified method:
1) Fill pack with essentials (things that go regardless)
2) Weigh yourself on bathroom scale
3) Put on pack and weigh again; subtract
4) Put other stuff (cold weather, hot weather, etc.) in a big
paper bag and do the above thing again to get the weight of each.
5) The rest is food and water which will start high on any
given leg of trip and vary as the day and days go by.
6) Perhaps you'll want to weigh a sampling of 1,2,4,7 day supplies
again using a paper bag and the bathroom scale.

From the above you can make pretty good guesses as to what the
pack will weigh at the begininng and end of each leg of trip.

The reason for using differences from your weight is that typical
bathroom scales are very inacurate from 0-20lb.

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