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[at-l] Illinois Flatlander back on the at-l

Hi everyone....long time since I've been on-line.  I am now living in
Madison County NC about 1/2 hr. from the AT.  I have been here since the
middle of May and still feel like I will be going back to Illinois like I
have always done when hiking.  I have lived in Illinois all my life, so
this is such a new world to me.  

I have to admit I have done any hiking because we bought a farm and house
that needed lots of work.  Also my husband has a new job here which means
no vacation.  I am not sure that I like that.  I think we shouldn't have to
work at all!  Ha!  As of yet, I have no job, but could sure use one.  They
are rather scarce around here.  

Well, I am glad to be back on-line.  Note my new address: 

Hope to be chatting soon.

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