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[at-l] ATML Sharpshin's Amusing Survival Guide

Hi there handsome!

I got this and couldn't stop laughing.  Sometimes I think people might
actually do some of this stuff!  I hope you enjoy it too!


I found this at Tagg Run Shelter in PA and thought I'd share it with all of
you.  I found it very amusing especially if you have a vivid imagination
and picture the event.  Hope he/she doesn't mind my posting this.  Enjoy as
I did.  Slim

*Top ten things you should do if you are lost while hiking:

#10. SCREAM while running in circles (your voice will carry better)

#9. Light your clothes on fire (you stand a better chance of being seen,
plus you'll yell louder)

#8. Never, I repeat, NEVER calm yourself (it gives you a false sense of

#7. Every pine cone is food, eat them (and plenty of 'em)

#6. If you are with someone, hug them and cry hysterically (takes away the
feeling of being alone)

#5. If you encounter a momma bear with cubs, start smacking the cubs around
(this usually scares mom away)

#4. Try to guess which way is closest to civilization, and run like a
maniac in that direction (again, screaming helps)

#3. If you see suspicious-looking people posing as rescuers---HIDE
(screaming not advised while hiding)

#2. If you have a mirror and its a sunny day, DO NOT LOOK in the mirror!
(could burn your retinas)

#1. Take a day or two to spell out the words "SOS" on the forest floor
using large limbs, sticks, etc.  (heavily wooded areas usually have an
abundance of this)

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