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[at-l] New Photon Micro-Light

Ok, I know you guys have discussed the Photon Micro-Light before, so I
figure you might be interested in the new Photon Micro-Light.  The new
Photon Micro-Light II lights are awesome!  New features include an
on/off switch in addition to the traditional squeeze button and new
materials make it even more durable than ever.  Along with the design
improvements comes brighter light.  The red and yellow lights have new ,
brighter LEDs and the blue now uses two batteries just like the white.
This boosts the light output by about 3x.
    If any of you already have one of the new Photon II lights, I would
like to hear your comments and impressions.
    If you don't have one yet, you should check out my web page.  Please
visit my site at http://www.photonlight.com for more information.

Bryan Avery


              Photon Micro-Light:
The BRIGHTEST for its size personal flashlight!!!

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