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[at-l] Appalachian Trail Memory Keeper

I first hiked a section of the trail in 1954 (Clingman's Dome to Fontana
Dam) , and have logged many miles since, always wanting to through hike
but never being able to take the time.  I recently   retired with  two
main projects  in mind:  to through hike before I am 60  and to make
available a little memento for AT Hikers I have been thinking about for
years.  My 2000 miler is  a couple of years off, but my little project
has just arrived from the mint and I'm ready to share it with you.

The Appalachian Trail Memory Keeper is a  bronze medal with the words
Appalachian Trail and Maine To Georgia encircling a mountain trail
scene.  The reverse has a woodland trail scene with two hikers.  But
here's what makes it different from any other trail  memento - and why
it will be more cherished with each passing  year:  The woodland scene
is  encircled by a blank area on which is  engraved  your  personal
message of up to 256 letters and spaces.

The concept of   Memory Keeper is to have a permanent personalized
reminder of a unique experience, a quiet moment,  meeting a new friend
on the trail or to  document your own trail segments or through hike.
If you are like me, you don't really need a reminder of these
experiences - you'll never forget them.  Memory Keeper is just nice to
have and "warm and fuzzy" to give.