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No Subject

Good hiking.
Red Rainbow
GA-NC, NH-ME '97

Quid Pro Quo wrote:

Wow, Pittsburgh, I'm sorry that you had such a bad experience at =
Paradise.  I spent four days at Paradise last year rehabbing heel spurs, =
and they treated me like a family member...

	Pittsburgh wrote:

The Paradise hostel in Gorham NH apparently believes that it has the
exclusive right to the area road crossings.  They case the crossings and
only transport hikers that go to their establishment, leaving the others
to thumb a ride.  I had wanted to house the SLACKPACK TOUR there (I had
stayed there last year), but since I transport hikers, I was banned from
their property.  They also slackpack (for a significant fee) hikers the
21 miles from PINKHAM NOTCH to GORHAM ME, telling the hikers that it is
an easy hike (it is a rough, tough section that should not be attempted
in one day).  These people are not hikers and do not understand hikers.=20
They are in the hostel business strictly for the cash, and have no
respect for the hiking "community".  I have no problem with making a
living from the trail, but please do it with respect, honesty, and

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