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[at-l] Elevation Gain Springer - Katahdin

A few weeks back I noted the comments about elevation gain.  This
information is old but should still be a good indication of the total gain.
This information was compilied by James R. Wolf who completed the trail in
1972.  This is from the Rodale Press book "Hiking the Appalachian Trail Vol
2"  published in 1975.

Springer Mountain is 3782' and Mt. Katahdin is 5267' (5280 if you count the
cairn at the summit {1 mile even}).  As one person put it that an elevation
gain of 1485' with a few bumps in between!

Well the few bumps total 397,450' give or take a few thousand straight up
With Mt. Everest at 29,028' you climb it 13.691952 times!  I would have
sworn it would have been more.

I never set my mind to figuring such mindless tasks.  However I did plan the
bridge between Springer and Mt. Priest and Katahdin, which would have made
it a gentle climb between the two points.  Problem was when I got off the
trail in '81 I said the heck with it - Let all the others suffer as I did!
It's good for the soul (not to mention the sole - the sole of your feet!)

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