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[at-l] Re: Gathering

Each Gathering site adds its own character to the event. One of the plusses
of the Gathering in Hanover is, as someone else mentioned, the two camping
areas. Another is having the Appalachian Trail nearby for hikes before,
during or after the Gathering.

The classroom spaces are VERY nice. The auditorium has great sound and a very
nice setup for slide shows.

But the big thing to me is that Hanover offers some nice hang out on the
grass spots to talk with other hikers. It falls at a time when the leaves can
be peaking out and its just a great time to get together with like minded
folks. People who you don't have to explain to why you want to hike so much.

The ALDHA newsletter is just out with more Gathering info, so I would imagine
the web site will be updated soon. But as with all ALDHA stuff, it is done on
a volunteer basis so it is catch as catch can for the folks doing the work.

We hope to see you all at the Gathering.

-Frank and Victoria

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