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[at-l] re: hiking gene

jennifer wrote:

>>>   I watched him drift off into the TV behind me and right into ESPN's
Sports Center.   <<<

i have a prominent recessive hiking gene, but i still drift into ESPN's
Sports Center.  heck, i don't know anyone else who enjoys telemarking and
kayaking that also loves golf - those pastimes don't seem to co-exist in
many people.

what's more important to me in a person is not whether they like to hike or
not, but whether they have an open mind and an appreciation of my love for
hiking.  if they've got that foundation, they can always be converted!
failing that, you know you've got a dependable person for your mail drops.

i'd suggest one more date, and watch closely as you off-handedly mention
beans and rope, and gauge his reaction.  you'll know alot more then.

boy, this started out serious and ended really silly...

ke kaahawe
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