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[at-l] Reputation of Boy Scouts

Justin - wrote:

>     So, in short, no offense, but if the project isn't well done, it's
> probably not the scouts fault, as the project is reviewed by several
> people prior to its actual execution.  People also must sign for its
> completion, and therefore they have ample opportunity to check the work.
> What the case here, probably, is a lack of foresight by those who in
> retrospect are probably kicking themselves anyway.

I agree that the leaders hold a big part of the responsibility.  
I hope that the lesson that any job worth doing is worth doing well
would be one of the things that Scouting teaches.  And I'm sorry 
the scout didn't have the common sense to fill in the holes that
he abandoned after when he hit a rock just 3 or 4 in down.
The scout does not get a free pass here.  He found that digging in Pa.
rocks was hard and instead of expending the extra effort required,
he cut corners.  Results..a very poor job_not_worthy of reward.  What 
did this scout learn?  That you can get by without really doing the job 
well?  Is this the lesson hoped for?
Shoddy work...no supervision..and no one to care when, after just
one year the signs fall down.  
I hope this scenerio is rare in Scouting.  {Off soapbox}

Congrats on your Eagle Badge!  What a cool idea!  I love bats cause they 
love skeeters!  <<<G>>>  I'm sure your efforts will shelter many bats 
for_many_years to come.					Kahley
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