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Re: [at-l] Re: ATML Reputation of Boy Scouts

kahlena wrote:
> My
> first impulse was to track down the scout and his supervisor and ask
> them if they felt this was a job worthy of a badge.  Would that do
> any good?  Any input appreachiated. 

As it is already a "done deal" and the scout in question may be long
gone, I think that it is more important to correct the wrong than to
assign blame.  As a former scout and a current scout advisor, I think it
is important that this issue be brought to the Boy Scout Council of your
area.  Again, not to assign blame but to get this corrected.  At best it
is bad PR for the scouts and at worst it poses a potential environmental
impact problem by people getting off the trail and is a safety hazard
for people using the trail who may get lost and or injured.  Poor work
without consideration of its consequences is contrary to all the things
scouts stand for.  I would suggest that you write some letter and
contact the Council leadership with your concerns.  Good Luck.
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