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[at-l] Re: ATML Reputation of Boy Scouts

Hiya all...
I know this is more about Scouts but I have a quandry.

Around here, we have a number of VERY FINE bridges built by Scouts
while I believe they are earning their Eagle status.  They have
done terrific work in challenging conditions.

There is a State Park nearby where a scout undertook the making and 
siting of signs to define the trail.  I;m sorry to say, he did a 
horrible job.  The signposts were dug only 6-10 inches deep and even
last years very mild winter heaved them.  There are maybe half 
 still standing...barely.  Also the arrows were sloppily painted
on metal disks which are already rusting.  And they point the wrong way.
At a point where a path joins the trail which enters from the right and 
continues to the left, the arrow points straight ahead.  There is now
a path forming by people attempting to follow the sign.  I could go on.

I feel that the scout that did this did it poorly. 

The tradition of the Scouts is a great one and the system of earning
badges is valid.  But only if the work done was well done.  Otherwise,
it cheapens the fine work done by other scouts.  How did this happen?
Doesn't some leader have to evaluate the prodject?  What if such shoddy
work was passed on in a bridge?  This has bugged me all year.  My
first impulse was to track down the scout and his supervisor and ask 
them if they felt this was a job worthy of a badge.  Would that do
any good?  Any input appreachiated.  TIA   Kahley
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