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[at-l] Re: Stockbroker

I agree with Kahley. You could give him a chance. Those "genes" might just
need to be awakened. People can become "obsessed" with a lot of things
including the stock market. You may be doing him a favor by introducing him
to hiking.
Although I spent nearly every minute of the first 15 years of my life
outdoors in the woods, I have only returned to the love of hiking in the
past few years. Sometimes after you have spent a lot of time on the
"business" side of life, you are ready for something new.
And if not...

Deb G.

Deborah S. Grove, Ph.D.
Manager, Nucleic Acid Facility
210 Wartik Laboratory
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802
Tel: (814)865-3332


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