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[at-l] A video night

Yeah - much to the regret of a few people, I'm back.  I've been gone for
acouple months because work and school commitments exploded on me.  And
then we spent some time in Colorado.  But Ginny stayed on the list so I
could get an occasional 'fix'.  Now we're hooked up at home (notice the
new address!!) cause that's the ONLY time I'm gonna get to play on the

Anyway - to get down to business here - some time ago I told the list
about Lynne Whelden's lightweight backpacking video and suggested that
maybe some of you might like to watch it.  So we're gonna give some of
you a chance to do just that.  I'm "on call" for the weekend of Sept
26-28,  which means I can't go far - certainly not to the KTA meeting in
PA that we were considering.  So - we have a lot of AT videos, the
lightweight backpacking video, at least one PCT video, a couple CDT
videos - and a stray Saturday night when we'll watch some of them
whether anyone else is here or not.  

If you live in the Washington, DC area and you'd like to join us, then
get back to me privately  - we were thinking about maybe a pot luck
dinner and a long night of video watching. Nothing fancy - stayovers are
welcome - and maybe a short walk on Sunday on one of the local trails.  

So - let's see how this flies.  

Walk softly,
Jim & Ginny Owen
Bald Eagle & Spiritwalker, AT-92

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