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Re: [at-l] Hiking Gene

Jennifer Delia Sawyer wrote:
>Tell me, what is it about this hiking thing that makes you want
> to do it all the time".  (I knew right then it was going to be a long,
> painful painful evening).  Of course that's just not something you can put
> into words so that a non-hiker can understand it.  Oh, but I tried.  
Maybeeee..instead of trying to explain, you should have just grinned and 
said, "It's hard to explain...maybe you should come with sometime and 
see for yourself".  As you said, words don't do justice.

>This might sound crazy, but do
> you think some of us are born with a need to be outdoors...almost a
> heightened sense of appreciation for nature, or something?  A "hiking gene"?

But what if this gene lies dormant awaiting something to awaken it?
You might have missed out on something good. Alot of people don't 
get around to hiking until they're adults and suddenly whammmo....
they're hooked.

And am I the only one who see's the advantages of finding someone
that enjoys it enough to go for dayhikes and the occasional trip, 
but is more than willing to stay home and keep the homefires going 
while I go out and play.
Besides, if he's a_good_stockbroker, he should have cash, and would
probably have purchased some really nifty toys that you could play
with<<<<G>>>>.  And when the market crash hits, he'd probably be more 
than willing to sell them to you at a good price.  <<G>>
Sorry, I'm feeling a bit devious tonite...       Kahley

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