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[at-l] shenandoah

Are you sure you wanted to post this message to me?  You will probably be
okay.  The temperature charts for Big Meadows in Sept. is averaged to a
high of 69 and a low of 50 degrees Fahrenheit; 4.9" rain, trace snow.   In
Oct. it is 60 and 41 degrees; 5" rain and .6" snow.  In Peaks of Otter it
is for Sep. 73 and 56 degrees;.  For Oct.  63 and 46 degrees.    I,
personally,  like a 15 degree bag. If you are concerned I've found that a
lot of security can be had in carrying an emergency sleeping bag.  It is
part of my emergency equipment which I always carry.  So, instead of buying
another sleeping bag, you might invest in an emergency sleeping bag, not an
emergency blanket, for about ten bucks and if you find your bag is not
sufficient you'll be prepared.  I think one of the worst feelings on the
trail is to shiver all night long.  The emerg. bag will hold moisture from
aspiraton as it is non-breathable, which can be a problem.  You've got your
choice, snuggle naked into the e-bag then slide into the sleeping bag. Its
like sleeping in a plastic baggie.  You will be warm but soaked in the
morning but your sleeping bag will be dry.  Or crawl in the sleeping bag
clothed or unclothed then into the e-bag. Then your sleeping bag will be
soaked. I've used this method in minus 10 degrees with snow and wind inside
a tent with a 15 degree bag ands I was toasty.  
Good luck, Happy hiking, Slim 
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