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[at-l] Advice needed

My son Craig is hoping to have his visa extension on Monday so that he can
join his father (Klipspringer) and hike the remainder of the trail with him.  

Presuming he obtains the extension, he can plan to leave London next week.
 My problem here back home, is to connect the two!  

Klipspringer should be in North Woodstock NH in about a week and that
appears to be the best place for their rendevous - either could wait for
the other.   Right?  Craig will hopefully get a flight from London to
Boston.   Can anyone suggest the best method of travel for him to reach
N.Woodstock?   And approx. cost please?

He will also need to acquire suitable cold weather gear.    Any suggestions
on an outfitter either in Boston or has the one in N.Woodstock adequate

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