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[at-l] Waterproof map trick

I recently discovered a really nice waterproof map trick.  Xerox and, I
assume, others sell a kind of paper made from a coated polyester film.  In
Xerox's case, it is called "Never-Tear Paper".  It works just like regular
paper in a copier or printer.  I only know about the Xerox brand because I
work for Xerox and that's what they had in the stockroom.

Anyway, combine the funky paper with a color copier and you get instant
waterproof maps, trail guides, etc.  I also use it to make little notebooks
for myself.  As you might guess from the "never tear" name, the stuff is
nearly indestructable as well.

It is expensive, somewhere between 20 and 30 cents a sheet, but works
really well.

-- Jim Mayer  

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