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[at-l] New Member

Hello All!  Just wanted to introduce myself as a new member.

Completed my hike of the AT in 1981.  Started July 15, 1978 at Springer and
hiked to Fontana Dam.  Then took a bus to Maine and hiked from Kathadin to
Bennington, Vermont.  In 1979 again started at Springer and hiked to
Pearisburg, Virginia before I ran out of funds.  In 1981 started at Acadia
National Park in Maine and road walked to Bangor, Maine then went to visit
L.L. Bean and then re-started at Portsmouth, New Hampshire and road walked
to Bennington, Vermont where I took the AT back to Pearisburg, Virginia.

Also hiked the PTC from Mexico to I-80 in California before I finally
realized my ankles no longer would function to the task.  May be because I
hiked 800 miles on a broken foot in 1983 on my first PTC hike.  A year and a
half in planning and I wasn't about to give up.

Any cartoonist out there?  I have well over 200 ideas for cartoons of hiking
the AT.  Can't say there would be any money in it but it might be fun!

Good Luck to the "Class of 98"  my 3 years on the AT were the most fun and
hardest work I have ever had!

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