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Re: [at-l] Sleeping pad technique question

In a message dated 97-09-03 19:56:06 EDT, mayer@wrc.xerox.com (Jim Mayer)

<< I have a question for those of you who have successfully used 3/4 length
 I've used a 3/4 length RidgeRest for my last few outings, and haven't been
 completely happy.  I find the pad comfortable enough as long as I sleep on
 my back (turning on my side makes my arm go numb).  My real problem,
 though, is... (drum roll)...
 	What do you put under your feet

I usually use my empty pack, since everything else previously inside it is
either in use for sleeping, or bear-bagged and hanging in a tree.  As for the
full length RidgeRest, and the ThermaRest Ultralite Long, I have used both.
 The Ultralite, IMHO, is still too heavy!  It is fairly comfortable, though.
 The RidgeRest is not bad, but at my dainty little weight (230 lbs. <G>), it
is too soft and thin.  The pad that I have been using successfully of late is
the good old 3/4 length, half-inch thick closed-cell foam pad--in fact, mine
is even a military surplus item! (read: dirt cheap!)  It doesn't look like
much, but I have found it to work the best for me.  Also, I haven't noticed
any marked difference in insulation quality--they all seem the same for me.
 (BTW, I use two pads in winter.)
      Anyone else out there revert to the "old stand-by" closed cell pads?