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[at-l] GA-NC again

Thank you for all the replies to my inquiry of the Ga-NC section hiking.

Because we can get a few more days we are thinking about finishing the AT
in the south from Springer to Wesser RD, 134 miles in 11 days. This means a
bit more than 12 miles per day.   Is this possible?   We hope to hire a
shuttle to take us to the route 42 approach trail to Springer and the walk
backwards to the summit and the return north.  We usually camp in the woods
so please tell me, is the terrain flat enough in spots to pitch a tent
along the way?  Or is it all rugged and narrow? 
 Also, I think hunting season is late November so we will need blaze
orange.  Does anyone know when the deer hunting season starts?   Like to
avoid it if possible.
Also, I heard from a trail maintainer last spring at Brown Fork Gap that
they were doing a big relo on the trail down there somewhere to lessen a
very steep, dangerous section.  Does anyone know anything about this relo? 
Where it is and is is finished? 
Yippee!  Here we go again on the A.T. , heave ho and aweigh we go!  
Thanks again friends.  
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